Joy, completion.

So I finally finished making a clock out of an old motherboard, kindly donated by Fox Business Systems. 
Never again will I get myself into a project that involves clearing a motherboard, it was a pain in the ass, I killed one soldering iron, 6 Dremel cutting wheels and dulled a diamond cutting wheel, a grinding wheel and a bore wheel. but I have the clock I wanted. See it and be in envy!
it's a sort of breast sweazing, tugging, postcyberpunk clockish thing.

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The trouble with badger babies.

So, really the problem with Anarcho-syndicalism is that I'm not chaining myself to an engine lathe (metaphorically speaking) for anyone, be it a master, boss, the people, or the worker's collective. So, if I won't, and you won't, and we've abolished wage slavery, because one way or another that's got to go anyway, who is going to stand tall and the engine lathe and pull the levers to make are wigits, or mine our coal, or pick the vast fields of lettuce? A worker's collective counsel on task distribution would be a spiraling slide into a Soviet style suck storm nightmare that is certainly not Anarchy. So what then?
That's right friends fellow workers, step right up and sign up for a bright future in Uncle Levi's Techno-Anachro-syndicalist utopia, a place where the working man can toil or not, because a robot will to his job ten times better and never strike anyway, he can sit around and invent shit, and the surplus wealth will go into the Great Space Colonization, Migration AND Reintegration Project*.

*Long term goals involve migrating off Terra, allowing robots to become self aware and finding out if they have the same stupid existential crisises humans had.

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Five thoughts

1) The worst days are often highlighted with ironic* fundamentalist hymns of my youth stuck in my head at the end of the day.

2) What if Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman, but there where three others in on the Lincoln assassination?

3)  We sure have been slacking inventing new super cool shit in the last ten years.

4) I don't like mandatory automobile insurance, the idea of the government mandating that I purchase health insurance if THEY say I can afford it bothers me.

5) Mu.
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Woo7! I am alive.

So, I am out of the hospital, which is good. I have a month of sick leave as to recover. I don't really hurt much but the arm is weak. I'm in this massive sling but once an hour I'm supposed to take it off and move my arm in all the directions the sling prevents so what the fuck is the point? Anyway, the apartment isn't set up for this kind of thing so my massive robo arm knocks everything off the bathroom sink and Lorna has to wash me in a Hanna Montana bucket, Shananana.  
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Oh the excitement

I go in for surgery today, in an hour really. I've never had surgery before so it should be fun. They plan on going in and removing some bone that doesn't connect to another bone because the army broke the tendon.
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Actual things we talk about...

So we're sitting around pondering the economic crisis and whatnot, more specifically, the horror of family losing their homes and trying to live with us.
So under this doomish light I come up with:
Me: I guess we can get a place with a basement and stuff them all down there divided by plastic tarps....And force them to pick pockets like in that Dickens play!
madhack: Oliver Twist?
Me: Shit yeah! We'll go in the basement and sing the pick a pocket song and release them on the street to pay for porridge and lard sandwiches.

So yeah, Doom might come upon us all, but I have a plan, it might be a cruel and sinister plan but it is an effing plan.
Also, in case you didn't know already, the engagement notice went up in the paper and looks about like this.

The number of laying chickens, which in retrospect should have been hens but oh well, was a point of contention.

Oh the things planned for tonight, it will be the best worst little Christmas Eve ever! Look forward to the names poorly altered recap! 

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No thanks to the Army.

It is snowing like a bitch out and my rental car's traction is wretched.
Before I left I checked the Fort Riley road hot line, which reported all roads green,
On the way in I slipped off the road a few times,
Once into a ditch.
As I crested the hill the called canceling PT!
Just a bit late.
I sleep now. 

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When I said I would die a bachelor, I did not think I should live till I were married.

So yes, it has come to be that on Friday past I did make a serious proposal of the matrimonial sort to madhack .
The setting of this undignified act was a basement over a game of D20: Modern.
When in the coarse of Game, combat did occur and I executed my fiendish plan.
It went a lot like this:
GM: You get thrown out of the building.
Pocky: I search the bushes around the center.
GM: From out of the tree above you, you are attacked by a Dropbear, It bites your head for, *rolls, eight points of damage.
Madhack: A dropbear, are you fucking serious?
Me: Yup, sure am....
R: I don't know if I should shoot it if its on her head.
Room: pointblank it.
Candy: *pulls .50 AE Desert Eagle and places to dropbear's head.
Candy: *fires dealing 6 damage.
GM: The dropbear falls from Pocky's head and has a large hole in its face, actions on Pocky.
Pocky: *Draws handgun and takes aim at dropbear.
Pocky: *Fires missing enemy.
GM: Roll for initiative. Actions again on Pocky.
Pocky: *fires missing enemy.
Madhack: I can't roll for shit with this gun!
Me: Change dice.
GM: Dropbear's action, it claws Candy for four damage. Candy's round.
Candy: *fires n dropbear for six more damage.
Madhack: maybe we should run from combat.
S: You can't run from combat.
P: think about the Eeps.
Madhack: Fine, I'm going to dropkick it.
Pocky: *dropkicks dropbear for four non-lethal damage, neutralizing it.
GM: you want to loot the body?
Madhack: What? it is a bear! what could it have worth looting?
Me: You always loot the body!
S: Loot it, loot it! *Stands up, as if to get a soda.
Madhack: fine.
Pocky: *loots body of dropbear.
GM: *rolls for treasure. "You find a ring"
Madhack: Where would it have a . . ."
Me: *on one knee with ring in hand.
Me: *speech no one can remember.
J: *Turns around stunned.
P: *Stunned.
R: *Stunned.
S: *Is in on it, still stunned.
Madhack: Yes!
*Awkwardness sets in on the room, people disperse in a daze.
*Arrive at Mae's to celebrate and show of for friends outside RP group.
Madhack: Wait, did you really propose to me over the steaming innards of a dropbear?
*Later a secret vote is had stripping me of my GM privileges for creeping everyone out and putting a dropbear in Manhattan.
In other new I was in a wretched vehicle wreck on Thursday, thanks X-mas shopping!

Also, I was thinking about Clean Coal Technology and Carbon Offsetting and realized that all it is is the modern equivalents of Catholic tariff penances type Indulgence. All we have to due to feel okay about our sins is pay some money for someone to say its alright. Therefore, I need to invent a word and seal for slaughter houses allowing people who are morally against eating meat or a type of meat to feel alright about it and all the slaughterhouse needs to do is pay me money for the seal and play soothing music on the killing floor with a vague commitment to a more ethical way of doing things sometime in the future. Brilliant, No?  

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